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Specialists in agricultural assessments for your renewable energy projects

Meet the founder,
Mariné Pienaar

The future can be murky. You have plans, but how will they work out? What am I allowed to do? Or not do?
Mariné Pienaar is an expert in providing agricultural assessments that will give you the answers you need to clear the road ahead, meet your legislative requirements, and set you on course for a brighter future.

Mariné Pienaar

CEO, Founder

I have been doing agricultural assessments for the past sixteen years under the flag of TerraAfrica. Although I have done this work for projects in several industries, I fell in love with renewable energy projects and decided to focus intensely on those.

While most of my clients know me as a soil and agricultural specialist, I have also worked as an EIA practitioner for about seven years. Even though I decided to bow out of that and focus on my first love, which is agriculture, it taught me so much about the dangers of limited or incorrect information.

That is why I am slightly obsessed with providing agricultural reports that paint a truly accurate picture. I ensure that reports do not just provide information about soil but also about farming activities, or lack thereof, and the challenges, as well as opportunities, that farmers are presented with.

Accurate assessments to help you avoid negative consequences to agricultural production

“TerraAfrica is a force of nature in the field of soils science, with an impeccable work ethic, positive attitude and truly unique understanding of the science behind soils.”

Vernon Siemelink (Director)Eco Elementum (Pty) Ltd

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mariné for close to 10 years on a variety of projects and rely on her expertise to support the greater environmental licensing process reports that I develop. I am repeatedly impressed by her systematic approach to projects, her ability to present scientific data in a manner that is easy to comprehend, and the quality of her reports. Professionalism and unwavering work ethic, together with her willingness to share her wealth of knowledge, make Mariné a valued member of any project team.”

Renee Janse van Rensburg (Environmental Compliance and Assessment Manager)CIGroup Environmental (Pty) Ltd

Why we’re different


“Mariné is a consummate professional, being available and communicating well, as well as providing good quality assessments and reporting deliverables. We continue to enjoy a good working relationship and rely on her services regularly.”

Jo-Anne Thomas (Director)Savannah Environmental (Pty) Ltd

Focus on Sustainability

“When Mariné became part of our project, she was determined to find the best, most sustainable solutions for our project. She made sure to have a 360-degree view of the project that enabled her to provide a balanced consideration of the advantages and obstacles of the project in her reporting. On these types of projects, timelines are absolutely important and she definitely kept to ours.””

Thomas CondesseENERGYTEAM (South Africa) (Pty) LTD

“TerraAfrica has become one of our preferred specialists. The quality of work provided and attention to detail is unparalleled. TerraAfrica provides a service that has met our budget requirements and delivered timely on all projects. Mariné has kept us involved throughout the process and provides us with personalised service as per our project requirements. We would certainly recommend using TerraAfrica as we will continue to do so going forward.”

Arlene Singh (Director)Nala Environmental

“We have been using TerraAfrica for various projects over the years. TerraAfrica shows extreme competence, in depth knowledge in their field of expertise and high quality services/deliverables. We appreciate their attention to detail as well as their approachable manner. Using their services offers great security in work quality during demanding projects.”

Alta van Dyk (Owner)Alta van Dyk Environmental Consultants cc

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Have you been stopped in your tracks when:

  • Developments overlap with Protected Agricultural Areas?
  • Infrastructure layouts exceed the allowable development limits of agricultural soils?
  • Agricultural assessments fail to meet the standards required by the EIA regulations?

Why TerraAfrica for your project?

  • We don’t take shortcuts.
  • We are pedantic about going the extra mile to make sure our reports give accurate reflections of agriculture in the project areas.
  • Instead of just writing reports that check the boxes required by authorities, we see our reports as guidelines for great decision-making.
  • That is why we include interviews with landowners as part of our methodology.
Focus on Renewables, for sustainable agriculture and brighter future

Our Work - Reports we produced for our clients

These are some of the publicly available reports from our clients.

Our mission is to provide assessments that are accurate down to every last tiny detail, enabling you to choose project sites that are both great for you and harmless to food production in the country.